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How do I get involved?

How do I get involved in Podiatry WA?

Podiatry WA is a member based organisation. We value your input and participation so we welcome all inquiries about membership and access to our WA services.

There are two ways to be involved.

Become a member

Members have a number of key benefits:

  • they join the growing number of foot health professionals and those with a keen interest in improving foot health in the community
  • They get access to professional development at a discounted rate
  • They get access to the state conference at a discounted rate, with additional member only events
  • They help us to promote the issues of foot health to our community to see improvements in everyone’s access and benefit from improved primary foot health care
  • They get to vote and be eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors (after two years of continuous membership)
  • They receive state  publications and information circulars on foot health issues
  • Join a committee

Podiatry WA has a number of committees for members to join

Finance Committee

Partnerships and Sponsorships Committee

Marketing and Social Media Committee

CPD, Conference and Thought Leadership in the Industry Committee

Governance, Risk Management and Operations Committee