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For over 30 years OAPL has provided a dedicated commitment to servicing major hospitals and allied health professionals right around the country. Whether treating patients in our clinics, or innovating the latest in medical technology, our mission is to assist all Australians to enjoy active and independent lifestyles.

With our clinical background, OAPL provides a comprehensive range of both acute and chronic high risk foot products. These include but are  not limited to; felts and foams, wound dressings, instrumentation, post-operative footwear, offloading devices, custom AFOs and more.

Guild Insurance

Guild Insurance provides insurance products and personal services for businesses and individuals. We offer professional indemnity insurance for podiatrists. We provide business insurance, car insurance, home and contents insurance, including emergency and temporary accommodation, and personal property. In addition, Guild Insurance offers risk management services.

Smith & Nephew

At Smith+Nephew, we design and make technology that takes the limits off living, and we help healthcare professionals achieve the same goal. Together we improve life, while also improving performance.

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