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Happy Feet Children's Footwear

We’re all about shoes that fit well and feel good. Just like each child is different, so too are their feet. At Happy Feet, we’re passionate about making sure your little ones have comfortable, supportive footwear that fits perfectly. With more than 25 years experience fitting feet, big and small, it was when I had my first child I noticed a real gap in the market – I wanted good quality shoes, fitted by experts at a reasonable price. This is when Happy Feet was born.

The team at Happy Feet has been trained in all aspects of growing feet including foot and lower limb biomechanics, fitting orthotics and problem areas as well as the features and fit of all the shoes we stock. As part of the process of matching your little one’s foot with the correct shoe we are ‘ink printing’ each little customer. Not only is this lots of fun for the kids, it helps us to analyse each little foot and identify foot characteristics that can affect the fit and comfort of a shoe. We’ll then recommend the best options for your little one.

Keep On Running

Keep On Running

Keep On Running is a specialist running store. We stock running shoes, lightweight /racing shoes and a large range of track shoes. These include sprinting spikes, distance spikes, middle distance spikes, waffles or spineless, and specialty field shoes. Owned and operated by Australian Champion runner with 25 years of experience selling specialty track shoes.

We also carry a range of running clothing and accessories including Garmin and nutritional products. 

Our staff include some of the best young distance runners in Perth, so you can talk everything running with them. You might even get some good tips to improve your running.

OPC Health (Formerly OAPL)

OPC Health and oapl have a combined 85 year history of manufacturing and distributing prosthetic, orthotic, physiotherapy, podiatry products and equipment to the Australian healthcare market.

As part of this merger, we are pleased to announce that OPC Health will now offer:

  • The most comprehensive allied health product range in Australia.
  • Access to a combined national team of experienced Allied Health professionals to answer all your queries.
  • An expanded customer service team for faster response times.
  • Free shipping nationwide for all online orders.


Guild Insurance

Guild Insurance provides insurance products and personal services for businesses and individuals. We offer professional indemnity insurance for podiatrists. We provide business insurance, car insurance, home and contents insurance, including emergency and temporary accommodation, and personal property. In addition, Guild Insurance offers risk management services.

Smith & Nephew

At Smith+Nephew, we design and make technology that takes the limits off living, and we help healthcare professionals achieve the same goal. Together we improve life, while also improving performance.

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