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The basics on foot health

General information on foot health

Podiatry WA encourages everyone to get involved in looking after their feet, and the community’s feet, We encourage you to:

  • exercise regularly, even a short stroll every day will do your feet good – it encourages circulation and gets your blood pumping!
  • keep you weight in a healthy range for your body – this reduces the pressure on your feet and ankles to carry the body on its daily journey
  • keep your feet clean and inspect them regularly to check for signs they need attention – look for dry, scaly skin, toenails that need attending to, and any sign of fungal or other infection
  • wear shoes that fit your feet well, avoiding:
    • tight shoes that rub or cause blisters to your feet, both heels and toes
    • shoes that are too big, causing rubbing on your heels and your toes to claw to hold them on
    • shoes with enough room in the toe box so your toes have room to move as you walk
    • shoes that don’t slip off, so with sufficient strapping or closures to keep your feet securely, and comfortably, in the shoe without slipping or sliding around
  • make sure you know your foot health professional and have a regular foot health check to keep you on your feet

For more information on your feet and conditions that may need attention, have a look around this site or visit your local podiatrist.